Design capacity


Travis Eslick can provide a wide range of design assistance and expertise from small additions to large scale projects. 


product expertise

- Renderings, Plans, Elevations, and Details
- Graphics, Logos, Branding, Advertising, and        Product Design
- Digital and Physical 3D Model Production            (Hand, Laser, CNC or Printing)
- Sculptures and Art to Compliment a Space  

- Project Management and Design

- Basic Web Design


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Adapting space to form an emotion is Architecture...

Creating experiences through volumes of space

that can elude yet positively influence the

everyday impression of people.

Experience archive


Multi Family Residential

› Assembly - Restaurant & Entertainment

Construction Management

› Civic - Public Spaces & Plazas

› Institutional - Collegiate and Intermediate

Single Family Residential
Digital Magazine
3D and Physical Models
Art - Painting, Sculpture, Hand Sketch